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Fuse create installations, performances, interactive environments and programme and organise festivals and events:

  • The company create costumed characters that populate your events
  • Spectacular street theatre working with exceptionally talented artists
  • Circus artists and aerial acrobats
  • Fire and Light walks: stunning illuminated trails with skilled performance artists
  • Garden of Delights floral living statues and stilt vines
  • Ice White:¬†extraordinary mythical illuminated figures on stilts
  • The Secret Garden: hidden secret doors, elegant fairies and interactive arts installations
  • The Mad Hatters Tea Party: surreal meetings between dancers and comedians.
  • Fire flies: dragonflies on stilts in dazzling phosphorescence blues and greens
  • Glow LED: dazzling performances with LED spectacle and illusion
  • Cafe Lente: an interactive performance in a cafe where time stands still
  • I Scream Van: the smallest mobile mock horror movie house in the world
  • Wild Life Walks: audiences get to explore first hand nature in all its beauty

Workshops can accompany the installations and performances with making and creating characters, circus workshops, fire and light lantern making and prop making, street scenography, dramaturgy, performance and art.