FUSE create shows, walkabout acts, installations, immersive environments, festivals and work with communities and cultural organisations to produce outdoor arts programmes, festivals and outdoor arts events. We also bring the outside in and create themed environments and installations.

The company make:

  • Shows, performance art, site specific,  installations and alternative walking tours.
  • Themed environments in cafe’s, a caravan, ice cream van, bicycle tours, a beach, circus installations, aerial arts and in high street situations, markets, shops, creating cultural quarters and outdoor arts / theatre in unusual spaces.

The company produce festivals and events with:

  • Aerial dancers, acrobats, rope walkers, musicians, fire dancers
  • BeatBoxers, drummers, DJ’s, sound and digital artists
  • Parkour, street dancers, contemporary dance
  • Character actors, puppeteers, variety artistes, fire and light performance artists

Fuse make shows with professional and emergent artists and with audiences and communities.

  • FUSE  build partnerships between local, regional and European artists and festivals.
  • FUSE are innovators in education and training in street arts and production.

© All images, Photographs, Performances are copyrighted and require permission for use contact us direct to discuss your requirements